Gift Returns & Exchanges

Not quite what you wanted? No sweat.

If you don't have the packing slip on hand — email to help track down details!

Where was this order shipped?

Who was this order originally shipped to?

Your email please! We'll send you a return label and OV credit.

Not a Gift?

Your Next Steps

You Got a Gift

Surprise — your friend sent you some new gear! But it isn't quite right...

Exchange Right Away

Receive an Instant Refund to place a fresh order for OV you love

Send Back the Originals

We’ll email you a return label to send the gift back our way

Gift Exchange F.A.Q.s

30 Day Gift Returns

We accept unworn and undamaged items. A quick try on is cool — spin class and a long run is less cool.

A Few Swift Steps

After selecting your item(s) to return, we’ll send you a return label and Instant Refund code. Use the code to place a new order for the gear you’d like next—we’ll send it right away—or wait for the gift card refund if you need more time to decide.

Exchange For Your Favorites

Grab anything you’d like with your Instant Refund, it’s just like shopping the OV site with a gift card. For a higher priced item, you can pay the additional $ at checkout.

We’re Sneaky

Unless you tell them, the gift giver will not be notified of your swap. Grab the fit and style you love!

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